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The CONTTMAF, Confederação Nacional dos Trabalhadores em Transportes Aquaviário e Aéreo na Pesca e nos Portos, is a confederacy constituted for the purpose of coordination, orientation, defense and legal representation of the Professional categories in the Maritime, Riverine, Lacustrine, Diving, Civil Aviation, Fishing and Port activities, including the administrative sectors and the ones that give support to them.

The CONTTMAF fights in defense of democratic institutions and against all the oppression forms and political, economical and cultural exploration; they promote the syndical unity, denounces the activities that are against the labour law and demand remedial and penal measures against its responsible ones. After integrated to the International Transport Workers Federation – ITF, they started to contribute in the national and international sceneries for the promotion of solidarity and for the defense of the common interests of the workers, apart from nationality, race, gender or religion.

It is the Confederacy’s priority the defense of the Brazilian workers interests in the coastal navigation and in the fishing activity, both sectors strongly affected by the participation of the shipowners and foreign workers.

The CONTTMAF defends the utilization of the Brazilian waterways for the production flow, option undoubtedly more effective and economical of transport besides of being the one that less attacks the environment.

Charging the necessary investments for a real port modernization; resisting to the dismount of some workers organizations in the ports and the abasement of their working relations; fighting against the unsafe work and denouncing the worker exploitation, including by the utilization of the manpower cooperatives that unemploy and abase the working conditions, the CONTTMAF is the safe harbor and the indispensable interlocutor for the workers of the sector and its representatives.