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Legal Acting

The CONTTMAF Legal Department guides, defends and legally represents the Professional categories in the maritime, fluvial, lacustrine, port, diving, fishing and civil aviation activities.

The CONTTMAF main legal fights were the constitutional actions, like the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality, the Breach Arguing of the Fundamental Precepts in the regional and national plans with the Representations of Unconstitutionality. The CONTTMAF is one of the rare legal entities legitimated to exercise constitutional actions before the Supreme Federal Court under the 9th explanatory clause of the 103rd article of the Magna Carta.

Those interventions always occur when the Government edits national or federal laws that attack the main body of the Brazilian Constitution, and likewise, when the state or the municipal legislation attacks the constitutional precepts, the CONTTMAF has taken the relevant legal measures.

With the acting in the Regional and State Courts, the CONTTMAF is obtaining great results in the fight and dismount of fake work cooperatives being also called to act in international maritime law issues, with respect to the seafarer protection. In the consultancy area, the CONTTMAF elaborates, when and if requested, legal opinions and advice to public agencies in the analysis of issues that affects its acting.